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The Columbus Affair

The Columbus Affair

Author(s): Steve Berry

Location(s): Jamaica, Prague, Vienna

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): Late 15th Century and modern



Tom Sagan is staring down the barrel of a gun – literally. He has lost everything he ever loved: his job, his wife, his daughter, his reputation.

And – what hurts most – he knows the story which ruined his career as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist was a set-up, a trap. But he can never prove it. They – whoever they are – have beaten him.

And then his daughter calls him.

But Alle doesn’t want to forgive him. She wants information.

Her postgraduate research into Christopher Columbus has put Alle in touch with Zachariah Simon, a supremely wealthy man with a powerful interest in both Columbus and Tom Sagan.

What is the connection between the Sagan family and the man who ushered in a new age when he sailed for the Americas in 1492?

To find out, Tom must embark on his own journey of discovery, and enter a world of danger and betrayal, of history and deadly conspiracy.

What he finds could change the world forever.

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Lead Review

‘Ingeniously plotted . . . Berry offers plenty of twists and vivid action scenes in a feat of historical imagination’ (Publisher’s Weekly )

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