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The Haunting on West 10th Street

Author(s): Helen Phifer

Location(s): New York City (NYC)

Genre(s): Police Procedural

Era(s): Contemporary

When Detective Maria Miller walks up creaking stairs into the attic of the old brownstone she senses this isn’t an ordinary crime scene. The brutality of the murder is enough to shock even an experienced detective like Maria. But there’s something else. An unsettling presence seems to lurk in the shadows sending a chill through Maria’s bones, making her desperate to run back down the stairs and never return…

The killing is identical to the murder of a young woman sixty years before, a crime that tore a family apart and sent shockwaves through New York City. In both cases, a satanic ritual was performed inside the attic. Candles surrounded the body. Satanic markings stained the walls.

Has the killer returned all these years later? Is there a copycat? Maria won’t let fear stop her from finding answers. But just when she makes a breakthrough in the case, her relentless pursuit of the truth brings evil to her own door…

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