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The Hikikomori: The Girl Who Couldn’t Go Outside

Author(s): Mark Vrankovich

Location(s): Tokyo

Genre(s): Fiction, Fantasy

Era(s): Contemporary

Hikikomori are Japanese recluses. Right now in Japan over a million hikikomori are hiding in their bedrooms, hiding from their past and future. Hiding from the disappointment that having dreams can bring.

Miko is a hikikomori. As Miko’s dreams fade her Tokyo bedroom becomes her entire world. The city outside transforming into the realm of nightmares, a place where horrid memories and growing fears wait to pounce.

Playing car racing games on her laptop is all that distracts Miko from her situation. Then one day her parents are away, and her mouse batteries run out.

So Miko stands trembling next to the apartment door. Unable to live without her racing games, she must venture out into the world to buy batteries. But little does Miko know the consequences for herself, and for Japan, if she steps out that door.

What Japanese Readers Say: “A must-read for all Japan fans. Could even a Japanese writer portray contemporary Japan so realistically and poignantly…

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