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The Kizuna Coast

The Kizuna Coast

Author(s): Sujata Massey

Location(s): Tōhoku, Tokyo

Genre(s): Crime, Mystery

Era(s): 2011

When a devastating earthquake rocks Japan’s northeast coast, a tsunami follows and Rei Shimura is drawn into her most rugged adventure yet. The mystery begins with an SOS from Rei’s friend, the antiques dealer, Yasushi Ishida, who’s trapped among the displaced, injured and dead on the Tohoku coast. Rei rushes from Honolulu to Tokyo and discovers that Ishida-san’s dog has been abandoned and the shop may have been burglarized. She takes the dog, Hachiko, with her on volunteer bus to the ravaged town of Sugihama. But Mr. Ishida’s got more work for her. He’s lost contact with his antiques apprentice, Mayumi, and is frantic with worry. He won’t leave Sugihama without knowing the fate of the troubled 19-year-old girl from a famous lacquer-making family. Calling on disaster survivors and volunteers–and her own knowledge of Japanese manners and history–Rei investigates the suspicious journey. From Sugihama’s muddy shops and shelters to the buzzing bars and bathhouses of Tokyo, it’s a suspenseful journey. But as Rei draws closer to the truth, she realizes that she’s being stalked. Who is following her–and can she survive the wave of danger she never saw coming?

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