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The Kommandant’s Girl

The Kommandant’s Girl

Author(s): Pam Jenoff

Location(s): Krakow

Genre(s): Historical, Romance

Era(s): 1939



This work discusses hope, struggle and defiance in the face of overwhelming odds. This is a compelling tale of love and courage in dangerous and desperate times. ‘Krakow, the City of Kings, was no longer mine. I had become a foreigner in the place I had always called home.’ It is the year 1939. Overnight, Jewish nineteen-year-old Emma Bau’s world is turned upside down when Germany invades Poland. And after only six weeks of marriage, her husband Jacob, a member of the Resistance, is forced to flee. Escaping the ghetto, Emma assumes a new, Christian identity and finds work at Nazi headquarters. As secretary to the charismatic Kommandant Richwalder, Emma vows to use her unique position to gather intelligence for the Resistance, by any means necessary. Poignant, affecting and gripping, “Kommandant’s Girl” is the beautifully written story of one woman’s struggle to survive one of the darkest periods in human history.

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‘I have not been so moved by a book in quite some time as I was by Kommandant’s Girl.’ –Historical Romance Writers

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