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The Lady Thief of Belgravia

Author(s): Allison Grey

Location(s): Belgravia, London

Genre(s): Cosy Mystery

Era(s): 1870s

A notorious thief joins up with Belgravia’s most eligible gentleman to steal for Queen and country…

London, 1879. Della Rose scans the crowds until she finds her target. A well-dressed gentleman with a fine gold watch. Stealing it will be easy. Everyone knows she has the quickest hands in the notorious Seven Dials.

The gentleman’s name is Cole Winthrop and he’s been watching her for a while, waiting to see whether the scandalous things people say about her are true. Because if they are, he needs her help. Something was stolen from him long ago. And only a thief can get it back.

But to do so, Della must first learn how to walk, talk, ride and flirt like a lady. Only then will she be welcomed into Cole’s glamorous world of lavish balls and high tea – and catch the eye of the villainous Duke of Salisbury, so she can crack his safe and steal its mysterious contents.

When Cole finally trusts her enough to reveal his greatest secret, Della understands that completing the job is about more than earning the money to start a new life. The safety of the entire country rests on her shoulders. And this thief won’t let a small matter of falling in love get in her way…

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