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The Locked Away Life

Author(s): Drew Davies

Location(s): Northamptonshire, Great Yarmouth, The Trossachs

Genre(s): Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary



At the grand old age of eighty-two, Esther Saul has just one regret in life.

Since her heart got blown to smithereens decades ago, Esther has never been the same. She has barricaded herself in a vine-covered manor house, on top of a hill and far away from the villagers and their whispers. But now, as spring sunshine dawns a new day, Esther must unlock her doors…

It’s time to solve the mystery that has haunted her for more than forty years – before it’s too late. If Esther is to track down the love of her life, the handsome Scottish man with a devilish smile and piercing blues who brought her world crashing down, she’ll need some assistance.

That’s where Bruno comes in. After Esther places an advert in the local library, seeking internet lessons, the teenage boy knocks on her door.

As their worlds collide, and a friendship forms between the two strangers, it’s the beginning of an unexpected journey – one that will uncover the past, pave the way for the future, and allow a locked-away life to finally start living.

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