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The Mineral Palace

The Mineral Palace

Author(s): Heidi Julavits

Location(s): Colorado, Pueblo

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 1930s



The plot revolves round the fate of Bena Jonsson, a young mother who moves with her doctor-husband and infant son in 1934 to the depression hell-hole of Pueblo, Colorado, to begin what the couple hope will be a new life. But the signs are ominous. En route from Minnesota, Bena encounters Bonnie, the famous lover of gangster Clyde, who presses a medallion into the young mother’s hand. There is little room for optimism when the couple reaches Pueblo, which seems full of corrupt townspeople hiding many secrets and indulging in much bad behaviour.

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In many ways not dissimmilar to Annie Proulx, the harsh environment really comes to life – Sarah Thornton

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