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The Pollensa Connection

Author(s): Pete Davies

Location(s): Pollensa

Genre(s): Fiction, Thriller

Era(s): Contemporary

The 3R team are back in action in the second of the series!
Lily Green is scared stiff. Kidnapped after she leaves her work in Pollensa, Mallorca, she doesn’t know why this has happened and even when drugged and interrogated, she still has no idea what they want from her.
When her grandparents ask for their help, Anna and Sam Martínez start to look into Lily’s disappearance. Together with the rest of the team, they soon realise there’s a lot more at stake when they find themselves pitched against Sir Charles Groom, the CEO of a corporate giant and Oleg Makarovich, a ruthless Russian billionaire, in a ‘deniable’ operation sanctioned by MI6.
What does Lily know and how is it linked to a shopping centre collapse in London and a multi-million pound money laundering operation? The more the team discover about The Pollensa Connection, the wider the net extends, leading to far greater danger for everyone concerned.

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