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The Pursuit

The Pursuit

Author(s): Christopher Nicole

Location(s): Bolivia, London

Genre(s): Crime, Fiction

Era(s): Contemporary

When Lady Miranda Lichton determines to marry a wealthy Bolivian rancher, her family is concerned. When they discover that Ramon Cuesta actually grows cocaine on a global scale and is prepared to resort to murder when necessary, they determine to get her back.

But how?

Certain that Miranda can be induced to testify against her husband, they turn to Scotland Yard and the Special Branch. Agreeing to institute a Witness Recovery Programme, Commander Adams calls on his best operative, Detective Sergeant Jessica Jones, to travel to Bolivia, pick up Lady Miranda and return her to England.

But this is easier said than done. On his ranch in the remote Oriente of Bolivia, Ramon is virtually an uncrowned king. Jessica and her team find themselves involved with people who think nothing of killing anyone who opposes them, and who pursue them through the jungle with frightening ferocity.

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