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The Red Citadel

Author(s): Michael Lynes

Location(s): Andalusia (Andalucía), Seville

Genre(s): Crime, Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 15th Century

A historical thriller set in the court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain.

Perfect for fans of S.J. Parris and C.J. Sansom.

Granada, Andalusia, 1499
A city and a family in turmoil.

Heretic. Spy. Murderer. Is this Isaac Alvarez?

Issac is desperate to return from exile to his family in Seville. Haunted by accusations of heresy he is still recovering from the death of his wife. Granada is riven by religious tension: the Catholics want the Muslims to convert. Isaac falls in love with Aisha, the wife of the rebel Muslim leader and his friend, Abdul Rahman. If he finds out Isaac will be a dead man. The king offers Isaac a chance to return to Seville, in return for gathering intelligence on the rebels. Where do Isaac’s loyalties lie? Then an old enemy accuses Isaac of murdering the Grand Inquisitor. Can Isaac’s daughter, Isabel, save him?

Issac must prove he is innocent of murder, satisfy the king, and reconcile his feelings for Aisha. Can he quell a rebellion and reunite his family?

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