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The Sauceror’s Apprentice

The Sauceror’s Apprentice

Author(s): Paul Clarke

Location(s): Sri Lanka

Genre(s): Thriller

Era(s): Present Day

Randul, a young Veddah tribesman and expert in the flora and fauna of the forests of Sri Lanka, unexpectedly discovers four enormous Padparadscha sapphires. His simple life suddenly becomes more complicated.

From the Sinharaja Forest of Sri Lanka to the back streets of Kandy, from the affluence of London’s Mayfair to the rural tranquillity of the English countryside, Randul finds himself engulfed in a violent mélange of avarice and retribution.

Some will stop at nothing to seize control of four rare and priceless sapphires.

So, having taken your seat at The Sauceror’s Apprentice, prepare yourself for a feast at which the expected becomes the unexpected.

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