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The Soldier of Raetia

The Soldier of Raetia

Author(s): Heather Domin

Location(s): Rome

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 10 BC



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Rome, 10BC. Manilus Dardanus, a new soldier from the provinces, applies for a military sponsorship with Cassius Valerian, the general of a small legion patrolling the northern frontier. Idealistic and naive, Dardanus has a lot to learn about the life he has chosen, and at first the brusque and reticent general seems the least willing candidate to teach him: but gradually a bond begins to form between this unlikely pair, one that neither could ever have imagined. Over the course of a blood-soaked summer in the wild, as Dardanus struggles with coming of age and Valerian wrestles the ghosts of his past, battles and betrayals on every side threaten to end that bond-and possibly their lives.

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Augusttan Rome comes to life. Military history, social, and an interesting take on the Roman legion and what that really may well have involved. Good research it would seem – Edda Bratz –

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