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The Song of Youth

Author(s): Effrosyni Moschoudi

Location(s): The Cyclades

Genre(s): RomCom, Paranormal

Era(s): contemporary

Emilia wished to be young again… and then, it happened.

Emilia Paschos, a 45-year-old landscape designer, feels she’s lost out on life and wishes on her 45th birthday to be young again. A mysterious gypsy called Esmera offers her the chance to be younger for a few hours at a time, simply by singing a song. Soon, unexpected news sweeps Emilia off to the island of Milos with an opportunity to start her life anew.

A nosy neighbor, a flirtatious ex, and an obnoxious cousin cause trouble, but then two strange girls, Elise and Chloe, turn up and begin to help in miraculous ways, being just as magical as Esmera. They are all angels, except Emilia has no idea…

Being young again whenever she wishes it makes Emilia feel exuberant, but it pales in comparison to the way Andreas, a handsome widower and newly established restauranteur on the island, makes her feel. Together, they rescue a puppy, and now she feels like she is being rescued too.

Because Andreas, who is in his 50s, has eyes only for the real her, not for her younger self. The only problem is, her angelic gift keeps expiring in the most awkward moments!

How much longer can she keep her secret? And, what will she choose? The exhilarating gift of youth… or the sweetness of love?

This standalone story features angels from The Amulet. Order it now and get ready for a fun romantic escape on a Greek island paradise… but keep the hankies at the ready. And, whatever you do, do not read when hungry. You have been warned!

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