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The Sugar Barons

The Sugar Barons

Author(s): Matthew Parker

Location(s): Barbados, West Indies

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 1600s onwards



In the early 1600s, the West Indies was a place of extraordinary danger and opportunity. Parer’s often gripping history charts the growth of this venal, violent society over 200 years, and the effect of the islands on British, European and African history. Introduced into Barbados around 1642, sugar was the source of most British wealth in the West Indies by 1655, and vast fortunes were made. Underpinning it all were the slaves, imported in inhuman conditions to do the back-breaking work: although Parker is sober in his coverage of slavery, the details of the treatment meted out by planters and overseers makes numbing reading. The Sunday Times, Andrew Holgate

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“Able and well-researched… As Matthew Parker’s engaging book demonstrates, by 1750 the sugar trade, like gas and oil today, had infiltrated so many aspects of national life that it has become a power in...

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