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The Tattered Gloves

Author(s): J L Berg

Location(s): United States (USA)

Genre(s): Young Adult

Era(s): Modern

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Set in fictional Sugar Tree.

Head down.
Don’t look up.
Never make eye contact.

Those were the words I lived by growing up, the words that protected me in a house where men frequented, but did not stay. But, even with all the rules and warnings, I couldn’t keep them all away.

I couldn’t keep him away.
Hoping to leave behind the shattered life of my past, I find myself in a small town, with an aunt I’ve never met and at a school I loathe.

But soon I learn, not everything in this world is as black and white as I’ve determined. Sometimes those we are so quick to judge need a second or third time to make a first impression. And often, there are friendships and even love–real love, waiting just around the corner, if we are brave enough to take that first step.

Am I brave? Or will I hide behind these tattered gloves of mine forever?

And then there’s Sam of course. He goes to school with me and I works in his father’s bookshop along with him.

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