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The Walls of Byzantium

The Walls of Byzantium

Author(s): James Heneage

Location(s): Khios (Chios), Monemvasia, The Peloponnese

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical

Era(s): 15th Century/Byzantine

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This remarkable, sweeping historical novel, rich in story and character, is shaped by the quest for a hidden treasure, rumoured to bequeath riches beyond belief and guarded by successive generations of famed warriors.

Fifteenth-century Europe: a time of warring states and ruthless growing empires, divided churches and dynamic traders. In the midst of growing unrest, rivals battle for this treasure, each desperate to secure its power for their own nations. But no-one can discover its whereabouts: nor even knows if it is still in the possession of those born to guard it…

Four remarkable characters from four leading families provide the story as their crossed allegiances, plots and passions are played out on this epic scale. Yet the private lives are there too, and in castle and church, in siege and on battlefield, the love, fear, violence and reluctant loyalty to creed or destiny propel the characters to their fates.

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Published in July 2013

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