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The Wind Child

The Wind Child

Author(s): Gabriela Houston

Location(s): Eastern Europe

Genre(s): Fantasy

Featuring a colourful Slavic cast of tempestuous gods and frightening monsters, this is a story about friendship, and how far you would go – and what you would sacrifice – to avoid saying goodbye to someone you love.

No human has ever returned from Navia, the Slavic afterlife. But twelve-year-old Mara is not entirely human – she is the granddaughter of Stribog, the god of winter winds, and she’s determined to bring her beloved father back from the dead. So she and her best friend (and bear-shifter) Torniv set out on an epic journey to defy the gods and rescue her father. They will have to face forest lords, enchanted goddesses, the stormy seas, and the villainous Baba Latingorka. And little do they know of the terrible forces they have set in motion – for the world is full of darkness, and Mara will have to rely on her wits to survive.

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