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Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp

Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp

Author(s): Glenn Berkenkamp

Location(s): United States (USA)

Genre(s): Adventure, Nonfiction

Era(s): Contemporary



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In 35 guided mindfulness walks, Glenn Berkenkamp invites us to discover how we sense, move, think, and feel in our bodies–and engage a greater sense of presence and being in our lives.

Like any contemplative practice, through walking we can quiet our minds and come to know ourselves better, both within our bodies and the greater world outside ourselves. But with limitless competing demands on our time and energy, and hours spent in cars, walking has fallen by the wayside…and we miss many profound opportunities for increased awareness and vitality.

By reframing the joys and opportunities presented to us by the act of walking, Glenn shows us how to become reflective and inwardly directed, even as we take in the world around us. Tuning into our muscles, movement patterns, and the way we hold our bodies and even our thoughts, we’ll learn to develop greater bodily awareness for our walks and our walk through life, cultivating key mindfulness meditation skills. With the help of a Which Walks to Do When user guide that features walks for every occasion and emotion, Berkenkamp guides us on walks for expressing gratitude and affirmation; listening, grounding, and grieving walks; mindful dog walks; and more. He includes walks for any fitness level and walking ability, including children and those who need assistance walking. With practical check-ins, guidance on which walks to do when, pre-walk checklists, and invitations to reflect and respond, walking becomes an approachable and fun activity for all. As we walk with Glenn, we walk to settle, clarify, and balance our bodies, minds, and spirits–and become more receptive and open to new perspectives and possibilities we didn’t know were there.

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