Blogs in January 2023

Winter Work 7th January 2023

BERLIN, 1990. On a chilly early morning walk, Emil Grimm finds the body of his neighbour, fellow Stasi officer Lothar, lying dead with a bullet wound to the temple. Despite the appearance of suicide, Emil suspects murder, for as...

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Emperor 14th December 2022

Can ex-NSA agent Ava stop the Emperor’s war plans before he kills millions – and her? There’s a new Cold War…and it’s about to erupt into World War Three. Emperor Qin – absolute ruler, dictator for life – has...

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Our Man In Kuwait 1st December 2022

A colonial-era thriller set against the background of big power conflict. The ultimate timepiece tinderbox of sun, sex and spies. Kuwait 1960. With Soviet backing Iraq plans to invade. Gordon Carlisle lives in the expat community of Ahmadi with...

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The Lipstick Bureau 15th November 2022

1944, Rome. Newlywed Niki Novotná is recruited by a new American spy agency to establish a secret branch in Italy’s capital. One of the OSS’s few female operatives abroad and multilingual, she’s tasked with crafting fake stories and distributing...

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The Colletta Cassettes 2nd April 2022

It’s the 1978 World Cup. 16-year old Sebastian hopes to meet a girl on a family holiday in Italy; reporter Peter Kentish to interview Bravo, ex-CIA, on the CIA’s complicity with the Mafia. Colletta is a beautiful medieval village....

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