Blogs in May 2020

Suslov’s Daughter 18th May 2020

As a young man growing up under communism in South Yemen, Imran finds himself drawn to Hawiya, the daughter of a high-ranking official in the ruling Marxist party. He departs Aden, the seaport city of his childhood, to study...

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The Open Arms of the Sea 18th May 2020

Fleeing the guilts of his youth, Lieutenant Leslie Deacon has escaped to hide in the army and the vast rock deserts of a scorched and war-ravaged Aden . Adoo rebels hurl grenades from the shadows and a hard-pressed British...

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Black Mamba Boy 4th December 2016

Jama is a young Somali boy living in Aden with his mother. After her death, Jama goes in search of his father in Sudan & gets caught up in war & further travels. A very moving & enthralling account...

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