Blogs in November 2022

The Home Scar 3rd November 2022

On opposite sides of the world, half-siblings Cassie and Christo have built their lives around work, intent on ignoring their painful past. When a dramatic storm in Galway hits the headlines, they’re drawn back there to revisit a glorious...

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Murder by the Hidden Bay 22nd June 2022

It’s a fairly common ruse. Leave something in the road and lie in wait. An unwitting person stops and they are robbed, assaulted, snatched, or what have you. And this is exactly what happens to hotel worker Aofie Gilpin...

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The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually 27th February 2022

On an island off the west coast of Ireland, the Moone family gathers. Maeve is an actor, struggling with her most challenging role yet – as a mother to four children. Murtagh, her devoted husband, is a potter whose...

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The Last Reunion 17th August 2021

War would bring them together. But would it ultimately tear them apart? Burma, 1945. Bea, Plum, Bubbles, Joy and Lucy are five young women looking for adventure, fighting a forgotten war in the jungle attached to the Fourteenth Army....

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Murder in a Seaside Town 7th July 2021

Who would think books are such a deadly business? The small west coast Irish town of Clifden is awoken from its slumber when a gun is fired during the night. The unfortunate recipient of its fare is Ann Sweeney,...

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