Blogs in June 2021

While We Were Dating 19th June 2021

Can a Hollywood romance work in the real world? Ben Stephens has never been one to mix business and pleasure, but when he lands a huge ad campaign featuring movie star, Anna Gardiner, and it turns out she’s as...

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The Inverts 10th April 2021

1921: a boy, a girl, a moonlit midnight kiss. A terrible, repulsive kiss. Bettina and Bart have grown up as best friends, so surely they will end up together? After all, Bettina is young, rich, headstrong…. and gay. Bart...

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Love in La La Land 27th July 2020

Excited to be in glamorous Hollywood, English author, Jane Jones is thrilled by the prospect of being on a film set. Too bad, she is accompanied by cynical Jack Clancy, the screen-writer who has adapted … and ruined …...

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The Loved One 10th June 2020

Subtitled An Anglo-American Tragedy, Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One is a witty satirical novel on artistic integrity and the British expat community in Hollywood. The more startling for the economy of its prose and plot, this novel’s story, set...

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Be Cool 10th June 2020

The sequel to Chili Palmer’s hit movie tanked and now Chili’s itching for a comeback. So when a power lunch with record-label executive and former associate Tommy Athens ends in a mob hit, he soon finds himself in an...

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