Blogs in August 2020

Love On High Steel Bridge 23rd August 2020

Captain Dorian Rae is a wounded soul who gets his greatest pleasures from being in the great outdoors and soaring the skies. When he has a life-changing encounter with a beauty on Washington State’s High Steel Bridge, he never...

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It Rains MURDER Sometimes in Juneau 29th November 2016

A fictional account of the idea, planning, and successful execution of the perfect murder set in the mountains outside Juneau, Alaska. How the wrongly accused fall guy stumbles on the scene, is interrogated, indicted, and tried, makes for page...

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The Blue Bear 29th November 2016

His body twisted by adolescent scoliosis, Lynn Schooler’s soul was scarred from the loneliness of someone who, at an early age, stood ‘at a strange angle to the rest of the world’. He made a life on the slim...

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