Blogs in February 2021

Gravity Is the Thing 4th February 2021

Twenty years ago, Abigail Sorenson’s brother Robert went missing one day before her sixteenth birthday, never to be seen again. That same year, she began receiving scattered chapters in the mail from a mysterious guidebook, whose anonymous authors promised...

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Foregone 18th December 2020

A searing novel about memory, abandonment, and betrayal from the acclaimed and bestselling Russell Banks At the centre of Foregone is famed Canadian American leftist documentary filmmaker Leonard Fife, one of sixty thousand draft evaders and deserters who fled...

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The Au Pair 26th October 2020

Life’s not all fun and games for Ashley Smeeton, in her mid-twenties and trying to run a private investigation agency in Montreal despite a temporary cash flow emergency. She’s as surprised as anyone though when she agrees to take...

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Patrimony 20th October 2020

During the turbulent sixties, the call for Quebec independence created a political and social maelstrom in Canada. For nearly ten years, riots, bombings, labor strikes and violent street scenes were part of everyday life in Montreal, the epicenter of...

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The Favourite Game 5th July 2019

This warm and lyrical semi-autobiographical first novel by singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen charts the coming of age of Lawrence Breavman, the only son of a Jewish Montreal family. ‘Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal....

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