Blogs in June 2016

Jason and the Sargonauts 3rd June 2016

A mysterious iron chest arrived on the island of Symi, Greece in 1882 and was immediately hidden for its own safety. 121 years later and Jason is working as a holiday rep for SARGO holidays. When his grandmother turns...

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The Judas Inheritance 3rd June 2016

An ancient curse? Desperation in the economic crisis? What is causing the suicides of so many adults and children on this small Greek island? When Chris Trelawney arrives on the island to take away his late father’s belongings, he...

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Village View 3rd June 2016

A year living on Symi, a Greek island. James’ blog posts from 2013, edited and set out in printed form with images by Neil Gosling, take us through one whole year living on a small Greek island in southwest...

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Carry On Up The Kali Strata 2nd June 2016

Carry On Up The Kali Strata is a collection of articles about living in Symi, Greece. Previously written for and The Symi Visitor, here they are gathered together with photographs by Symi island photographer Neil Gosling. If you’ve...

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Symi 85600 2nd June 2016

A collection of writings that present an honest and often humorous account of two Ex-pat’s experiences of living on Symi, a small Greek island. This book also contains extracts from the symidream web site and the complete guide ‘How...

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