Blogs in October 2021

Wish You Were Here 26th October 2021

Diana O’Toole’s life is going perfectly to plan. At twenty-nine, she’s up for promotion to her dream job as an art specialist at Sotheby’s and she’s about to fly to the Galápagos where she’s convinced her surgeon boyfriend, Finn,...

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Darwin’s Dragons 26th February 2021

How to Train Your Dragon meets Robinson Crusoe in this high-flying dragon adventure from Lindsay Galvin! ‘A striking and original adventure … just the sort of story I love.’ EMMA CARROLL ‘WHAT a voyage! is everything you...

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Darwin’s Dragon 27th September 2020

Syms Covington has landed the job of a lifetime – cabin boy and fiddler on Charles Darwin’s Beagle. But when he is separated from the crew during a storm, his life takes a truly extraordinary turn. Shipwrecked on a...

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My Family and the Galapagos 6th April 2020

The Galapagos Islands have captured hearts and captivated imaginations for centuries. Such is their ecological importance that in 1978 the archipelago was declared the first ever World Heritage Site, a testament to our collective desire to preserve the magic...

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The Origin Of Murder 8th May 2017

Roger and Suzanne take a vacation cruise through the Galapagos Islands, 600 miles west of Ecuador. Suzanne discovers a dead body with a couple of bullet holes in its back floating in the Pacific Ocean and we’re off to...

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