Blogs in September 2022

The Christmas Postcards 2nd September 2022

It had been a make-or-break holiday for their marriage, but Natasha and Rob’s rekindled romance is short-lived when their daughter’s beloved soft toy disappears on the journey home. As Natasha comforts the distraught child, she turns to social media...

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Peak 14th April 2022

Phil Truss is dying of cancer. The wealthy amateur climber wants to stand on the summit of K2 before he goes. To achieve his dream he hires one of the planet’s best alpinists to organize and lead a team....

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The Moth and the Mountain 4th June 2021

The untold story of Britain’s most mysterious mountaineering legend – Maurice Wilson – and his heroic attempt to climb Everest alone. In the 1930s, as official government expeditions set their sights on conquering Everest, a little-known World War I...

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The Snow Line 29th April 2021

Old and young. White and brown. Male and female. British. Indian. Other. Four strangers from around the world arrive in India for a wedding. Together, they climb a mountain ― but will they see the same thing from the...

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Red Panda Rescue (The Adventure Club) 29th April 2021

Do you like exploring, animals and adventure? Then join The Adventure Club this summer! A brand new illustrated series for younger readers about animals and adventure from much-loved author Jess Butterworth – writer of classic adventure stories in vibrantly...

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