Blogs in June 2022

The Child Of Ukraine (formerly published as “Motherland”) 20th June 2022

Ukraine, 1940. She cups her daughter’s face with her trembling hands, imprinting it on her mind. ‘I love you. Be brave,’ she whispers through her tears, her heart breaking into a thousand pieces. Sending her child away is the...

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Dog Park 29th April 2022

‘An intricate, textured slow-burner that paints a vivid picture of a post-Soviet state where gangsters rule and the exploitation of the female body is big business’ Guardian Helsinki, 2016. Olenka sits on a bench, watching a family play in...

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The Diamond Eye 21st April 2022

In the snowbound city of Kiev, aspiring historian Mila Pavlichenko’s life revolves around her young son – until Hitler’s invasion of Russia changes everything. Suddenly, she and her friends must take up arms to save their country from the...

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The Milkman in the Night 13th April 2022

Read this eccentric epic from the author of cult classic Death and the Penguin Semyon is disturbed. He has woken up in the living room with blood on his shirt, an angry wife and no idea where he was...

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A Matter of Death and Life 13th April 2022

Marital troubles? Sick of life? Suicide the answer? Why not get yourself a contract killer? Nothing easier, provided you communicate only by phone and box number. You give him your photograph, specify when and where to find you, then...

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