Blogs in September 2022

The Secret of Elephants 1st September 2022

Navsari, India. Penniless and trapped in a loveless marriage, Nirmala spends her days anxiously caring for her sick young son, Varun. Looming over Nirmala’s impoverished home is an imposing mansion built by her grandfather, and from its balcony her...

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Ride the Wings of Morning 30th April 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a safari guide on a game reserve in Southern Africa? Sophie arrived in South Africa to spend help a friend run horseback safaris on a game reserve...

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Between Two Rivers 14th April 2022

“Rhodesia is sleep-walking towards its devastating civil war. Three women become entangled in that war and in relationships that harbour the seeds of tragedy. With great sensitivity and insight, Tina Beattie tells a haunting story of love and war...

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Rotten Row 29th May 2021

It is just after nine o’clock in the morning. Gidza will die in exactly forty-three minutes and thirteen seconds. ‘Rotten Row’ is the Criminal Division of Harare, and the courts and the unfortunates who pass through them are the...

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Hope Is Our Only Wing 4th March 2021

Nominated for the CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019. A novel set in Zimbabwe about hope – and its power to heal a family, a friendship or even a nation. For fifteen-year-old Shamiso, struggling with grief and bewilderment following her father’s...

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