1740’s, 1940’s, and 1960’s Scotland

  • Book: Outlander
  • Location: Inverness
  • Author: Diana Gabaldon

Review Author: MarieP



So many people have seen the hit Starz TV show based on the author’s “Outlander” books, that you may not want to read the books. But do!

First, they are far better than the show and they are FAR MORE detailed. This is the first of the series and the first one that I read to ‘get me in the mood’, before a trip to Scotland.

This is a time travel story; a married English nurse on her second honeymoon, in 1940’s Scotland, finds herself whisked back about 200 years and does her best to stay out of trouble, finding love – and a good bit of trouble anyway – along the way. I loved the story and was hooked immediately.

It takes place mostly in the Scottish Highlands and in Inverness and mentions a few other real places, such as Ft. William, although most of the place names were made-up, such as Castle Leoch. (Although you can visit a castle by another name to see where the Castle Leoch scenes of the TV show were filmed.) For an even stronger sense of place, read the second book, A Dragonfly in Amber. I’ve done a review of that as well.

Content warning: While the story is intriguing and very romantic at times, it does contain some tough triggers, such as violence and rape. It is part of the story, and not used gratuitously, so even though I’m not fond of such content, I was okay with this. Others might not be.

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