5* for location and a good read but a little slow for a thriller

  • Book: A Death in the Medina
  • Location: Marrakech
  • Author: James von Leyden

Review Author: Charl



I read this book as part of the TripFiction bookclub and overall I enjoyed it. I thought the setting of Marrakech was beautifully described and I was instantly taken back to a holiday I had there a few years ago. The author quite clearly researched the city very well. In addition to the physical descriptions I really enjoyed the insights into the culture and customs and I felt this bulked out the book amazingly. In parts however I felt the book was a tad slow and bogged down by the ‘other bits’ that distracted from the thriller aspects of the book. I’d still recommend it, especially to someone going or wanting to go to Marrakech.

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