Lead Review

  • Book: The Rock
  • Location: South Tyneside, The North East (England)
  • Author: L J Ross

Review Author: Tina Hartas



The Rock is no.18 in the DCI Ryan series and it’s time to catch up with the regular, familiar characters in Ryan’s team, and with developments, both on personal and professional fronts.


A fishing boat has capsized just off South Shields. It was carrying a consignment of people, destined for a life of sleaze and servitude but the gang in charge realises that not all the women are accounted for on dry land. Could there have been death, or, more worrying for them, an escapee, leaving their people trafficking enterprise vulnerable to discovery?


Ryan and his fellow investigators are soon hot on the trail of perpetrators and start to narrow down which gang is responsible.


The action takes place all over the North East of England and at the heart is the discovery of the shipwreck just beyond Marsden Rock, a stunning and enormous sea stack off South Shields, accessed from the Marsden Grotto. The author always makes setting a component of her stories, which adds local colour to the narrative.


This mystery can be read as a standalone but it is a richer experience if the novels are read in sequence.

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