A beautiful city, beautifully captured.

  • Book: The City of Falling Angels
  • Location: Venice
  • Author: John Berendt



Many factual books about cities are somewhat dry and overloaded with historical, cultural and geographical detail. This is absolutely not the case with this wonderful description of Venice from the burning down of the Fenice Opera house to its reconstruction years later. It is a gripping true story – full of beautifully drawn characters – some funny, some exasperating, some dishonest, some pathetic and all leaping out of the prose in glorious colour! I felt bereft when I had finished the final page – I had been swept along the canals and alleys of the most romantic, dark city in the world, following a series of plots and relationships and had loved every one. If you are going to Venice – take it to read while you are there – I guarantee it will enhance your understanding of the place and when you have finished you will find you also know a great many historical, cultural and geographical facts!

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