A charming read

  • Book: A Maiden’s Prayer: A Family Story Set in 1970s Sri Lanka
  • Location: Sri Lanka
  • Author: Srianthi Perera

Review Author: [email protected]



I’m always interested in books about Sri Lanka, so I was pleased to discover this charming story set there in the 1970s. It’s told through the eyes of a teenage girl, Tamara, and initially I expected more of a coming of age theme, but the main focus turned out to be on the efforts of her extended family to marry off the family’s wayward Uncle Bertie. The characters are engaging and portrayed with warmth and humour, and there’s plenty of descriptive detail that brings the setting to life. I see from her notes that the author did a lot of research into the economic and political situation at the time. I thought that she wove this into her story very skilfully. I enjoyed the references to old customs surrounding marriage too. If you like family stories coupled with the chance to learn something about another culture, I recommend this.

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