A foreign country

  • Book: A Foreign Country
  • Location: England, France, North Africa
  • Author: Charles Cumming



Having just finished this book I would describe it as rather enjoyable. Initially I found it to be slightly disjointed but very quickly everything began to fit into place and it became for me a page turner as I wanted to continue to find out what would happen next. There were twists and turns in the plot but not so many that it became too hard to follow, just enough in fact to make it fun and interesting. The characters were likeable if sometimes a little lacking in depth and by the end I wanted to read more about Thomas Kell and Amelie Levene. I was also quite buoyed by the fact that Amelie was becoming head of SIS in spite of the fact she was a woman and thus frowned upon by many of the ‘old guard’. If you enjoy spy novels I would definitely recommend you have a read of this book, don’t expect the depth of Le Carre but you should find a well written, snappy story which will keep you happy from beginning to end.

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