A Great Historical Romp

  • Book: The Ming Inheritance
  • Location: Thailand
  • Author: T Hunt Locke



The Ming Inheritance is a fast paced historical thriller set in Thailand. The main character, an expat by the name of Sam Collins, resides in Chiang Mai. And I learned a great deal of this famous city in the north of Thailand. But, in fact, the story takes the reader through many locales in Thailand from well-travelled stops such as Pattaya and Bangkok to less seen places such as Mae Hong Song and Phitsanulok.

I guess one could think of the Ming Inheritance as a sexed up Indiana Jones. The Ming Inheritance is a self-published novel from an independent writer. This both helps and hurts the final product but, in the end, it is a good read. And one I’d recommend if one is a fan of the genre and does not mind a bit of erotica tossed in.

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