A magical place

  • Book: Court of Lions
  • Location: Granada
  • Author: Jane Johnson

Review Author: ClaireB



Thank you for allowing me the chance to read Court of Lions by Jane Johnson. The timing was very apt having just watched Monty Dons paradise gardens, I had a glimpse of the wonderful Alhambra. I very much enjoyed the the two tales set around this magical place which were brought together so succinctly by the author. It took me back in history when the Alhambra was at its finest the fabulous sights, smells and sounds of the palace, I wanted to reach out and pick the fruit from the trees. The story of Momo and his devotion and love for his master, was a fascinating tale. Kate’s story was gripping, her terrible failed marriage to James, trying to rebuild her life, which eventually catches up with her. I particularly enjoyed the historical content which took me to a crucial point in history which the author had beautifully described in colourful detail, enhancing the story of the last Sultan.

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