A rather disjointed read.

  • Book: Future Popes of Ireland
  • Location: Ireland
  • Author: Darragh Martin

Review Author: lapsapchung



Triplets John Paul, Damien and Rosie and their older sister Peg are orphaned and brought up by their strict Irish Catholic Grandmother, who is convinced that John Paul is going to become the first Irish Pope.

All the children are, in their own way, disappointments to her and the different paths they take leaves relationships between them fractured, possibly irretrievably.

I thought this book was…. strange. Left me with very mixed feelings. I felt that all the characters were good, but the storyline was rather thin and the way it was told was very confusing. There were too many viewpoint characters for me, and the way the timeline veered backwards and forwards left me dizzy. Some of the very short chapters seemed unnecessary too, there wasn’t enough in them to move the story forwards. The chapter titles, too, were puzzling, they seemed to be random words grabbed from the text.

Despite the rather disjointed feel of the book and the mind-boggling amount of alcohol consumed by the characters, there are some moments of absolutely brilliant writing in it. The part that really stood out for me was towards the end, when Granny Doyle is slipping away in hospital, and Damian visits her, when his ex-partner Mark arrives to show support at the difficult time. The conversation is uncomfortable and stilted, and yet throughout there is a commentary of the things that are left unspoken. It is a very moving moment in a book with is sometimes moving, sometimes witty and sometimes pretty much incomprehensible!

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