A Right Ritual

  • Book: Holy Island
  • Location: Lindisfarne (Holy Island)
  • Author: L J Ross

Review Author: Bev Bookless



This book is the first written by L J Ross and I will be certainly reading her second. It is set on Holy Island off the Northumberland coast. I’ve visited a few times and I will look at it in a different way next time I go. You are introduced to DCI Ryan who is ‘restoring’ himself on Holy Island. You discover through the story what has happened to him just 6 minutes before. A body is found, looks like a pagan, ritualistic offering. DCI Ryan returns to duty and leads the search for a murderer, then another body. The story evolves with relationships developing but also revealed. What bearing does this have upon finding the murderer?
I enjoy reading books set in areas I know, I live in Northumberland and this fits the bill. It is a page turner and you may quite like the mysterious DCI Ryan.

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