A Slice of History

  • Book: One August Night
  • Location: Crete
  • Author: Victoria Hislop

Review Author: Ethel Crowley



Victoria Hislop is by now synonymous with Greece. Her books bring Greek history to life for a popular readership. She creates a great sense of place by incorporating cultural details that show copious background research. For those of us who don’t know the country, she makes us feel like we do.
She is especially interested in the island of Spinalonga, which was a leper colony until a cure was found for the disease in the 1950s. She visited the place in real life and was inspired to write a story based there. Leprosy no longer exists in Europe, but continues to be a problem in parts of the developing world, especially India. She is now a ambassador for a charity that works with people who suffer from the disease.
This family saga reveals so much about Greek society in the 1950s and moves along at a blistering pace that engages the reader. You are educated as well as highly entertained.

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