A superb and thrilling action adventure….

  • Book: The Scarlet Code
  • Location: France
  • Author: C S Quinn

Review Author: MiriamSmith



Now and again a book comes along that reads like watching a movie and this one “The Scarlet Code” by C S Quinn fits that bill perfectly. Had it been on the big screen, I would have been on the edge of my seat on many occasions, due to the tense and thrilling scenes and together with a wonderfully intriguing storyline, I was addicted from the first page.
This book is the second in the ‘Revolution Spy’ series, the first being “The Bastille Spy”, which although I know I would have enjoyed had I read first, I didn’t feel at a disadvantage for not following the characters previously.
Set during the French Revolution after the fall of the Bastille, the story features Attica Morgan, a feisty and attractive female English spy whose love for men and women alike made for a fabulous rip roaring adventure with romance, action and international intrigue.
The characters were all just superb. Jemmy, Attica’s old pirate friend was just brilliant, humorous, likeable and perfect as Attica’s partner in crime. This absorbing book never stops with the action, on virtually every page there’s excitement or breathtaking tension. With the fascinating addition of ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’, my interest piqued with every chapter, to a point by the end of the novel, I didn’t want it to finish.
Everything you could want from an adventure thriller, excitement, a fabulously endearing heroine and pirate to fall in love with, a cruel killer and some well written historical detail, this book deserves the full five stars I’m awarding it. If thrilling historical fiction is your bag, this is definitely a one for your wish list and I can’t wait to go back and read Attica’s first adventure. I hope beyond hope there’s more from her and Jemmy in the future and wish the author every success with the series.

5 stars

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