A Taste of the Sea plus Murder!

  • Book: Murder on the Downs
  • Location: Whitstable
  • Author: Julie Wassmer

Review Author: readerofbooks



Really enjoyed this. It’s a comfortable cozy crime based in the seaside town of Whitstable on the north coast of Kent. The sixth in the series of the Whitstable Pearl Mysteries, we’re re-acquainted with Pearl Nolan, a restauranteur who started in the police but was forced to leave to bring up her son single-handed. She’s cultivated a close relationship with London-born police officer DCI Mike McGuire, a friendship that struggles with the discovery of bodies amidst environmental campaigns against a controversial new property development. Pearl is a lovely character, determined and passionate. We feel her love and concern for her local area. Wassmer has written her well, as well as the development of the storyline. Would happily read more.

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