Adored it!

  • Book: Block 46
  • Location: Falkenberg, Hampstead, London
  • Author: Johana Gustawsson

Review Author: MiriamSmith



I’d read some fabulous reviews of “Block 46” written by Johana Gustawsson recently and it had been recommended to me on many an occasion, so when I won this book in a Twitter competition I was over the moon that I could read and review it for myself!
After reading the first captivating chapter set in Buchenwald Concentration Camp I had to pause to contemplate exactly what it was I was reading. Brutal, barbaric, harrowing, disturbing – definitely not for the faint hearted – I found it gripping from the start to the climatic conclusion.
“Block 46” is a compelling serial killer story that’s dark and twisted – easily sending chills up your spine – with totally engaging characters that have been translated from the original French version flawlessly. It’s a truly thought provoking read that’s set within a superbly crafted plot and indisputably keeps you guessing until the brilliantly terrifying end that has you shocked at the clever and ingenious twist!
We are half way through the year and I have already pencilled in the impressive “Block 46” for my book of the year – it truly blew me away – and it will be hard pushed to be beaten!
I imagine there must have been some very gruelling research carried out for this story, especially from her own personal family resources. The author’s note at the end really got to me too – my great uncle was a survivor of a Japanese prisoner of war camp and the Burma railway and I totally empathise with her thoughts and feelings to the tragic and heartbreaking conditions prisoners in all camps were subjected to.
This is the first book I have read by the outstanding Orenda Books and I know it won’t be my last – an amazing 5 stars (wish I could award more) for a highly recommended and unforgettable book that I will definitely be reading again!

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