An excellent portrait of Marrakesh

  • Book: A Death in the Medina
  • Location: Marrakech
  • Author: James von Leyden

Review Author:



A Death in the Medina is rich in descriptive detail and information about what it’s like to live in modern-day Marrakesh, from the point of view of the indigenous, Muslim inhabitants and of expats who come to work there. Religion, particularly the strictures of the Ramadan fast, and cultural and social issues are all covered in considerable detail. One can see the busy streets and smell the honey, mint and charcoal-grilled lamb. Perhaps because of all this immersive detail, the murder mystery almost seems ancillary to the author’s main interest, which is in the city. Nevertheless, I recommend the book to anyone who’s going to Marrakesh or is considering doing so and wants to get the flavour of the place in advance.

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