An eye-opening account of the creation of modern Angola

  • Book: Magnificent and Beggar Land: Angola Since the Civil War
  • Location: Angola
  • Author: Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Review Author: ScafidiTravels



Ricardo Soares de Oliveira does an excellent job of explaining the history of post-war Angola (2002 onwards) in a way that is accessible and interesting for the general reader. Having lived in Angola from 2009 to 2014, I got to see the impacts of oil wealth change the country first-hand, just as described in his work.

Oliveira is an expert on the topic and this really shines through in his writing. Despite being an academic, he presents in formation in a very accessible way, which is great, because finding English-language analysis on Angola’s post-colonial history is usually very difficult. A thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone with an interest in Angola, or more broadly in the resources curse or development issues in Africa.

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