An unashamedly frivolous & enjoyable romp from Tooting to Paris via Nice and Scotland

  • Book: It Happened in Paris
  • Location: Paris
  • Author: Molly Hopkins



‘It happened in Paris’ charts the whirlwind relationship between Evie (unemployed, overdrawn, good time girl) and Rob (gorgeous, hard working coach driving business owner/driver). Evie blags a job as a tour guide, and on her first trip, meets Rob, who rather unbelieveably manages to get her to France and back without a passport. You can pretty much guess the rest.

The locations – Tooting, Paris, Nice, Scotland – provide a great backdrop to the relationship. I particularly enjoyed the description of Evie’s visit to the Louvre, and the trip through the red light district with her coach party.

Evie’s character particularly is a bit of an enigma and it felt as if the author wanted her (Evie) to be brighter than her behaviour suggested, but was worried that it would detract from the book. In fact, it might have made the story slightly more believable, but no less enjoyable, if she had been written as the slightly more 3 dimensional character the author seems to have considered. There are also some annoying changes in the narrative between different tenses – switching from the past to the present and back again – but overall an undemanding and enjoyable ‘holiday’ read.

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