Anne Frank’s diary

  • Book: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Author: Anne Frank



This is a truley brilliant book. I read it last year, just a few months before i went on holiday to Amsterdam. The book is the diary of a young Jewish girl, named Anne Frank, and explains through the eyes of the 13 year old the terrible events of the holocaust. With the threat of her sister being taken away by Nazi officials, Anne and her family are forced to go into hiding. The book is truely brilliant at evocing every emotion out of every person. it really got me in the mood for visiting amsterdam, and understanding the history of the place, and not just of this little girl. Because the Book is mainly set in the attic of a warehouse, i wasnt able to pin-point any places mentioned in the book whilst i was in Amsterdam, however, visiting Anne Frank’s house was honestly incredible. i was able to see her bedroom, the places she had described in her diary and even climb the steep stairs leading up behind the bookcase which concealed them. This is definitely a book i think everyone should read, and a book everyone HAS to read if they are going to amsterdam. it really is that brilliant.

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