Antarctica& Chasing the Light

  • Book: Chasing the Light
  • Location: Antarctica
  • Author: Jesse Blackadder

Review Author: hazele



Collecting books on Antarctica is my hobby. Have just finished ‘Chasing the Light’, I thought it the most enjoyable faction read about Antarctica or elsewhere. Technically beautifully crafted via the varied women’s viewpoints, motives and historic setting. Quality characterisation and I’d be delighted to recommend it for those attempting new techniques for writing about historical settings in my ‘Writing Non Boring Family History’ workshops. But also the mystique of Antarctica was captured in the emotive passages.
A significant author has arrived. AND Tropical Townsville was a great place to read about cool Antarctica last week. Congratulations Jesse. Genuinely think this a significant work.
(Reviewer Hazel Edwards and Dr Jesse Blackadder have both been on Australian Antarctic expeditions as writers (not at the same time).

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