Be transported to Brittany with a book

  • Book: Her Mother’s Secret
  • Location: Belle-Île-en-Mer, Sauzon
  • Author: Rosanna Ley

Review Author: JustRetiring



Author Rosanna Ley has done it again….

A beautifully crafted plot. Interesting, sympathetic characters. But most of all, the story has a powerful sense of place, transporting the reader to Cornwall and then to Belle-Ile-en-Mer, a small island off the coast of southern Brittany.

Colette reluctantly leaves Cornwall to visit her ailing mother Thea in France. But why did she leave all those years ago, and what dark secret is her mother keeping? Why did Mathilde kick Thea out of her home on the enchanting island, distancing the young au pair from Elodie and Jacques, the children who loved her almost as much as their mother?

And what secret is haunting Etienne, another reluctant returnee to the island, coinciding with Colette’s visit?

The only certainty is the allure of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, with its ‘simple villages, ancient forests, farmland and lush green meadows.’

Layers of history are slowly revealed as each character begins to come to terms with their past. But how much of a part will Belle-Ile-en-Mer play in their futures?

Her Mother’s Secret is the perfect summer holiday read, and the essence of TripFiction.

Bravo, Rosanna!

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